Scenography for a musical performance.
An illusion of a house as a living and transforming organism, consisting of smaller houses - “rooms” , that represents their own time and atmosphere, followed by the particular artists inhabiting them. Scenography developed on different phases of sleep, as things take place at a time when our subconscious is usually active. Reflected in a black-and-white colour scheme, which gives the set an ability to change its appearance with the approaching dawn.
Phase 1 - the complete darkness, illuminating only the saxophone player at the entrance of the house, emphasizing the enormous black space around him and his loneliness in it.
Phase 2 - the intense dreaming - large moving silhouettes of musicians.
Phase 3 - awakening. All the black houses becomes visible, since the sun starts to appear on the horizon. Sunlight colors reflects in the mirrored windows, plants in the houses gets illuminated, the rising of warmth and cozyness.